Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leisure Time: Use it Wisely

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Leisure Time: Use it Wisely

Leisure time is a spare time when a man gets after his working stage and other related activities in his work. It is a time for him to be free as he can be. He has done earning a living and has done his part as a producer and an earner. He has still a time left in his life. He can only get this spare time during holidays.

In one of the quotations I know, it says the “We must make life, not just a living”; we missed to take a look outside the four corners of our office, of our classroom, of our study room, and wherever place we know there is work. I must admit that it is a fact that we should run the race track of life as fast as we can but the more we run the more we are left and missed out some points of what has life to offer. Having leisure time is essential for us not to be a burden to someone or to yourself but rather spending it wisely makes life worthwhile.

Leisure time or spare sometimes are misused in sleeping, playing cards, idle gossips, listening to radio, and mostly visiting pictures or just merely taking a look at pictures. These things are merely out of nowhere and leisure time is wasted without even challenging the brain. Leisure time is a time spending for a very difficult art in which the brain partakes something from nature to develop the life we are wishing for. Testing your education is one way of spending your leisure time wisely. Going out and seeing another place may give us pleasurable ideas essential for our well-being and also in for our health.

Leisure must be used in a way that we are “doing” something and something the brain has to work on. The correct way of using leisure time is acquiring a culture, making and contemplating beautiful things as stated by Aatish Palekar in his article. We should go out and find sometime for ourselves to make beautiful things and refresh our minds from the stress our living gives us. We should take a moment of forgetting our prosaic cares in our career and worries of our sorry lives. We must feel the freshness of nature and beauty of things that our Almighty God gave us.

We have to spend this spare time as wisely as we could in order for to feel the essence of living this untoward world.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

CLSU Students List of Activities During Leisure Time

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CLSU Students List of Activities During Leisure Time

     Having difficulty on how to spend your leisure time or free time??? And trying to find a new leisure pursuit, here’s a general different types of activities that you can spend with and can be engage by kids as well as adults.

     These are the list of activities of CLSU students during their leisure time:

  • Photography 
  •  Food 
  • Games  
  •  Tech
  •  Travel 
  • Sports 
  • Academics
  •  General Information
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  •  Drawings
  • Religion  
  •  Love 
  • Writings

Tips In Getting The Most From Your Leisure Time

Tips In Getting The Most From Your Leisure Time CLSU Leisure Time
Getting The Most From Your Leisure Time

If you are the person who has a big block of leisure time or free time, the finest way to put that into use is to unwind, rest, unzip from a hectic schedule, or hang out with your family. But if you have just got a little amount of time – say 6 to 12 minutes – leisure time is a luxury, therefore there’s no time to waste your leisure time.
Here’s a tip for getting the most from your leisure time:

1. Manage Your Time Wisely.

If you have a limited amount of leisure time each week, it makes sense to manage what you have so that you can have a good time. Instead of doing your household chores extend over the weekends, try to do it ahead of time, especially the things that you hate to do. You will discover that you will appreciate your leisure time when you dedicate yourself to it.

2. Saying ‘”no” is OK.

Every person has the right to say “NO”.  If you find it rigorously to have a free or leisure time for yourself, you have the right to say no. The only cause why people feel they don’t have the right is they choose to handle all of those things even though others can do it or you don’t have the guts to hand over it to others. In saying no, learn to say it in a proper way so that the other person concerned can understand and agree to it.

3. Set your goals and priorities.

Think of the goals you want to attain. It can be personal and/or professional. Putting time to all of these goals cannot fit your leisure time or free time. So you have to rank these goals in order to know which are the least and most in your priorities. Knowing your goals and priorities strengthen your reasons for saying no and handling your leisure time wisely.

4. Create a list and keep it simple.

Creating a list can make your free time more productive. List down all of the things you want to do in a day (e.g. play basketball with your friends or eat some grilled pork) by making this list of things you could be more likely to consider about how you can manage your time and in part in things that interest and fascinate you. In making these lists make sure that the time and the things you want to do can fit each other.


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What is leisure?

Leisure is synonymous with free time that a person has no  responsibilities, work, or chores and  therefore is free to engage in enjoyable activities.

This blog is created to share and inform all recreational activities regarding leisure or free time.